Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Baby Einstein Coat

I've been doing a few of Sally Melville's pattern, the Einstein Coat in a baby size. They include, so far three: one already given (pictured); one waiting for snaps; and the final one on the needle. I found the buttonhole far too small for any buttons I wanted to use. Therefore, I used decorative buttons with snaps underneath. Snaps are probably safer for babies anyway. I'm hopeful, they will pop open if too much stress is placed upon them.

I found I liked using the slip stitch edge as a decorative enhancement by placing it on the right side of the garment(shown in below photo). The pink and lavender is made using Bernat's Satin. Sorry, I don't remember the color name. I already gave the label with some yarn, plus an extra button, to the mom-to-be. I will also be adding pictures of the other two coats before long.

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  1. Its Very Cute :)

    I just finished the Baby Albert Coat and put a hood on it.. It is in My Blog if you would like to see..